Alle 16 joukkueolympialaiset Turkissa

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Alle 16 joukkueolympialaiset Turkissa

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The Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) will organise the above-mentioned event in Burdur, Turkey from 26 November (Arrival) to 05 December (Departure). The Championship will be conducted under the auspices of Federation Internationale Des Echecs (FIDE).


The Turkish Chess Federation has the pleasure of inviting your Chess Federation to participate in the World Youth Under-16 Olympiad. Entitled to participate are players who shall ot have reached the age of 16, by 1st January 2010, (Date of Birth 1994 and after).

TCF will provide free board and lodging for a team of 4 players and the official, free for ten days, for the applications came till 25th October 2010 The reserve shall be charged € 49 per day inclusive of 3 meals. Applications sent after 25th October 2010 will be penalised by 100 € and all late applications will pay 49 € for accommodation. Each participating person including invited players shall pay 100 € organization cost for the event.


Additional teams from the same Federation will be allowed to participate if they pay the normal registration fee to FIDE plus 100 € to the organizers on arrival. Members of the extra team and other accompanying persons shall each pay 59 € per day inclusive of 3 meals. There is no any chance to provide single rooms. Please take under consideration that all participants must stay in official hotels.

All participants will stay in hotels and anyone who participates in the tournament will not allowed for security reasons to stay somewhere else. Invited players will stay in triple or in double rooms. Registrations will be valid by sending 100 € organization fee in advance. Following accounts must be used and money should be transferred to Turkish Chess Federation till deadline. Registrations will not be valid without money transfer!

Rooms will be booked on the principle of FCFS (First Come First Served). Early bookings will be given priority with bookings in the Grand Özeren Hotel.


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