V European OPEN Championship for school chess Teams 1.-10.7.

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V European OPEN Championship for school chess Teams 1.-10.7.

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Toivo Pudas » 22 Helmi 2011 16:27

Dear chess friends,

We are sending You the general regulations for participation in the V European OPEN Championship for school chess Teams and the VIII European OPEN Festival “The Hopes of the World” – for school champions and V International Open Chess Festival Varna which will take place from 21 до 29 юни и от 1 до 10 юли 2011 the 1th to 10st and of Jule 2011 in “Grand Hotel Admiral 5*, which is located in the Black Sea resort named “Golden Sands, 14 kilometers away from the city of Varna, Bulgaria.

The European Chess Union, the Bulgarian Chess Federation, the Nationаl Children’s Chess Foundation “Morsko Konche” and Chess Club “Veselin Topalov” are the ones organizing the Championship.

We would be very happy if in the upcoming prestigious European chess tournaments there were competitors from Your school as well.

We hope that you would also come in Varna, to the sunny beaches and the sea.

If you would like, please pass on the regulations to Your colleagues – the coaches and instructors of the school chess teams and clubs in Your city.

Best Regards,

Boris Hristov

President of the Chess Club “Veselin Topalov”
and Tournament Director
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