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International Youth Tournament “Tallinn 2013”

Lähetetty: 27 Joulu 2012 23:16
Kirjoittaja Markku
The Organizer:
The International Youth Tournament “Tallinn 2013” is organized by the Estonian
Chess Federation. Tallinn Sports and Youth Department, the Gambling Tax Council
and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia support the competition.
Purpose of the Competition:
Celebrating the 97th birth anniversary of Paul Keres, giving young chess players an
opportunity to participate in international competitions and developing friendly
relations with neighbouring countries.
To clarify the chess players who will qualify to the final tournaments of Estonian U18
and U16 boys and girls championships.
All players born 1995 or later who have previously registered in accordance to the
regulations may participate. Also, young chess players from other countries are
invited to participate.
Each club may send up to ten participants who do not have to pay a participation fee.
Starting from the 11th player, a participation fee of €7 per participant will have to be
paid. Participating Estonian players must have the Estonian Chess Federation's
Time and Location:
Two tournaments will be organized: for boys born 1995 and later (A-tournament) and
for girls born 1995 or later (B-tournament).
The tournaments will take place from January 3 to January 6, 2012 at Paul Keres
Chess House (29 Vene street). The opening ceremony of the competition will take
place on January 3, 2013, at 13.15. The first round starts at 13.30. Entries will be
taken at the Chess House from 12.00 to 12.45.
Rate of Play and Time Schedule:
The competition will be 7 rounds Swiss. Rapid chess will be played in rounds I-III
(30 minutes for the entire game + a 15-second increment). The time control for
rounds IV-VII will be 90 minutes for the entire game + a 30-second increment.
The time schedule:
January 3 13.30 – I round; 16.00 – II round;
January 4 10.00 – III round and 15.00 – IV round;
January 5 10.00 – V round and 15.00 – VI round;
January 6 10.00 – VII round
The closing ceremony will take place immediately after the last round.
If two or more players have the same number of points, the players are ranked by the
following tie-breaks: 1) result between tied players; 2) player's progressive score; 3) if
the progressive scores are equal, the points of the I round etc. will be discarded.
The 20 best representatives of Estonia in A-tournament will qualify for the Estonian
U18 boys championship (players, whose Estonian rating is at least 2000 on
January 1, 2013, will qualify automatically);
The 20 best representatives of Estonia, born 1997 or later, will qualify for the
Estonian U16 boys championship. (players, whose Estonian rating is at least 1800 on
January 1, 2013, will qualify automatically);
The 15 best representatives of Estonia will qualify for the Estonian U18 girls
championship (players, whose Estonian rating is at least 1700 on January 1, 2013,
will qualify automatically);
The winners of A- and B-tournament will be awarded a cup and the three best
players will be awarded a diploma and prize. The organizer may award special
The total value of the prizes is:
200 eur in A-tournament.
150 eur in B-tournament.
Additional Information:
The sending organization will bear the travel expenses of the participants. All issues,
which are unspecified in the regulations, will be addressed by the Chief Arbiter of the
The players should be preregistered and advance notices of the need for
accommodation should be sent by December 28, 2012 via e-mail to If a player registers later, he or she will be able to participate
only if the quota is not filled and accommodation is also not guaranteed. Additional
information at 5251623 (Hendrik Olde). Current information is available at the web
site of the Estonian Chess Federation: