Slovenialainen pikashakkiturnaus koronaa vastaan 9.5.2020

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Jorma Paavilainen
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Slovenialainen pikashakkiturnaus koronaa vastaan 9.5.2020

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Jorma Paavilainen » 04 Touko 2020 23:04

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----a group of Slovenian chess players, came up with an original idea of organizing an online blitz chess Slovenian championship titled Day of Victory against Corona!

Preparations are already in full swing! The championship will take place on Saturday, the 9th of May 2020 on the platform, beginning at 6pm. The whole event will be informal in nature; however, we would very much appreciate the endorsement of official chess organizations.

You see, we wish this tournament would overcome the boundaries of our country and become an international thing, should there be interest. For that to work we would need a small group of organizers in each country. Are you up for it?!
With great pleasure we can say that our Croatian friends already joined, and we are excited to see who will be the next! Let us know.

This project is built entirely on a volunteer basis. There will be no entrance fees, no reward money, no payments. ----
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