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Accommodation and the chess tournaments under the same roof
Chess combined with the interesting Holiday Programme

14/07 – 21/07 2018 Amarilis Hotel ****, Praha 1, Štěpánská 18
21/07 – 28/07 2018 http://www.schach-prag.cz http://www.hotelamarilis.cz
28/07– 04/08 2018

Arrival and departure on Saturdays Programme from Sunday till Friday
about the International Chess Holiday:
Jindra Kollerová, U Plynárny 15,
140 00 Praha 4 – Michle,
Czech Republic
Telefon/Fax:+ 420 241 407 355

Dear Chess Friends!
We are sending you the invitation to the 28th International Chess Holiday in Prague – The Memorial of Professor Jaroslav Pelikán.
We invite not only families, but also individual chessplayers, chess groups and children groups with responsible guides. Also holiday-makers who do not play chess and who want to come and see Prague and Bohemia are welcome. We are pleased to offer you for the Chess Holiday the Amarilis Hotel which is situated in the city centre and attractively priced. We are looking forward to our regular guests and to new chessfriends.

Jaroslav Pelikan /*1927 +1997/ was one of the tireless chess organizers in the Czech Republic who devoted his time and most of his energy mainly to young people. He was living in a small town in Central Bohemia, in Cesky Brod and he was working there. He was a teacher of foreign languages and later he became a headmaster of a grammar school. He participated in the organization of Grand Prizes which were very popular in the 60s and 70s. Under the leadership of Mr. Pelikan the chess team of Cesky Brod won the prize of Zajecice several times since 1964. It was the prize of Czech chess championship. Under his leadership a small town with population of 5,000 people had the team which took part in very important tournaments of chess league. But the best achievement of the last period of his life was the organization of International Chess Holiday where closed tournaments took place. We can say that it is a real world rarity.

The International Chess Holiday differs from other chess tournaments as follows:
1. We do not use Swiss system of playing. We form all-play-all groups and each one consists of 10 players.
2. We live and play chess in the same building, we organize our chess holiday under the same roof. http://www.hotelamarilis.cz
3. We prepare special entertaining programmes for the participants of the tournaments as well as for all the other guests.
4. We are eager to create good relations and friendly environment for our guests.

C h e s s Tournament Programme:
Chessplayers-holidaymakers – Rapid R:
Time schedule: only in the morning ca. 3 hours a day, 1 hour for a whole game
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Chessplayers who want to play more chess than to make holiday:
M Master tournaments:  2100 DWZ/ELO Rating 2000-2400
K Master candidate tournaments:  1900 DWZ/ELO Rating 1800-2100
H Main tournaments:  1700 DWZ/ELO Rating 1600-1900
V Secondary tournaments:  1400 DWZ up to 1600 or without ELO
Master tournaments and Master candidate tournaments are the all-play-all FIDE tournaments. Main tournaments and Secondary tournaments are national tournaments.
Time schedule: All tournaments (M, K, H, V) 9 rounds
2 rounds: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, 1 round: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
90 min/40 moves + 30 min till the end of the game with the time bonus of 10 s/move from the 1st move
All the tournaments will be divided according to the chessplayers´ rating.

Blitz Tournament:21/7, 28/7, 04/08 in the morning each player 5 minutes for the whole game

Prize fund: 100000 Czk / 4000 Euro.
Each chess-player gets a money prize or a souvenir prize.

Trips (in the price incl.):
For non-chessplayers:
- the National Memorial on the top of Vítkov Hill with a look-out terrace
http://www.nm.cz/Hlavni-strana/Visit-Us ... -Hill.html
- the Museum of Decorative Arts
- the Magic Cave – Reon Museum
For non-chessplayers and for chessplayers – holidaymakers:
- the Barrandov Film Studio founded by Václav Havel
- all-day trip to the Central Bohemia:
the Mělník chateau and wine cellar with the degustation
the Open-Air Museum and the fruit distillery in Třebíz

Accommodation, Board and Price:
All chess tournaments are realized at the AMARILIS HOTEL **** in the centre of Prague (http://www.hotelamarilis.cz ).This hotel **** is situated in a quiet one-way street, just 5 minutes walking to Wenceslas Square or 15 minutes to Old Town Square. The hotel is situated only 5 minutes from a beautiful Franciscan Garden with a playground or from a great park of Charles Square. It is possible to get to the swimming pool in Podolí by tram in 15 minutes.

Price for one week 2018:
11750 Czk / ca. 470 Euro for 1 person
11400 Czk / ca. 456 Euro for 1 person - students, retired or regular participants
11050 Czk / ca. 442 Euro for 1 person regular participants retired, students
Above-mentioned prices are calculated in Czech crowns and they will be converted into euros according to the given rate of exchange. At the present the rate of exchange is:1 Euro = 25 Czk

The price includes:
- hotel accommodation – 7x bed and breakfast
The rooms are with the bathroom, W.C., a minibar, a TV set with satellite reception, a telephone, Wifi internet (gratis) and a safe box (gratis). The rooms are air-conditioned.
- the tournament entrance fees and prizes in the chess tournaments
- a farewell party on board a cruise boat
- all trips entry, guide and transport costs incl. for non-chessplayers and chessplayers-holidaymakers

A single room 2800 Czk / ca. 112 Euro a week in addition to the basic price

You can order lunch and dinner:
a daily offer of soup, main dish costs ca. 160 Czk / ca. 6,50 Euro
soup, main dish and dessert cost 250 Czk / ca. 10 Euro

Facultative trips:
Monday afternoon 1 half-day guided sightseeing in Prague
Prague Castle incl.entry 400 Czk / ca. 16 Euro
Students till 26 years old, retired over 65 years old 300 Czk / ca. 12 Euro
http://www.hrad.cz/en/prague-castle-for ... r-visitors

Tuesday evening evening guided sightseeing in Prague
Old Town Square, Charles Bridge 500 Czk / ca. 20 Euro

Wednesday afternoon
1 half-day trip to the chateau in Zruč about the river of Sázava (incl. entry)
http://www.mesto-zruc.cz/turista-1/co-n ... cky-areal/
850 Czk / ca. 34Euro
Students till 26 years old, retired over 65 years old 750 Czk / ca. 30 Euro

A paid hotel car park (only 4 places) 1 night 650 Czk / ca. 26 Euro
(Allowed dimensions of a car : 2.10 m high, 2 m wide, 5.5 m long.)
A paid car park 15 minutes by the tram 1 day 130 Czk / ca. 5 Euro
Parking in the streets of Prague centre is not allowed.

The entry is to be sent off via the enclosed entry form to the following address:
Mrs. Jindra Kollerová, International Chess Holiday
U Plynárny 15, 140 00 Praha 4 – Michle, Czech Republic
Fax: + 420 241407355 E-mail: jindra.kollerova@mybox.cz

x/ tournaments:
Rapid /fast/ chess tournament:
each player has half an hour for a game – R

serious tournaments –
90 min/40 moves + 30 min till the end of the game with the time bonus of 10 s/move from the 1st move
M – Master tournaments – DWZ or ELO Rating 2000-2400
K – Master Candidate tournaments – DWZ or ELO Rating 1800-2100
M and K Fide tournaments

H – Main Tournament – DWZ or ELO Rating 1600-1900
V – Secondary tournaments – DWZ or ELO Rating up to 1600 or without ELO
H and V national tournaments
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