Barentsin alueen turnaus Tromssassa 30.9.-2.10.211

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Barentsin alueen turnaus Tromssassa 30.9.-2.10.211

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Toivo Pudas » 17 Elo 2011 13:58

Lähinnä kainuulaisille, pohjalaisille ja lappilaisille nuorille tarkoitettu turnaus:

Lähettäjä: Marianne Lund []
Lähetetty: 17. elokuuta 2011 12:51
Aihe: Childrens and youth chess tournament in Tromsø

Tournament in Norway for young chess players from the Barents region


As I said in telephone, the young chess club of Tromsø is organizing a tournament for young chess players (under 20) from the Barents region 30 September – 2 october 2011.

There will be a long chess tournament for the eldest and a rapid tournament for the youngest, so there will be tournaments on all levels.

The tournament will take place in Tromsø, and we will arrange very cheep accomodation in the chess club or in private families of chess players of Tromsø.

We have already got financial support from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat for Russian participants, so there will be a group of 10 children/young players from Arkhangelsk. The russian children will be accompagnied by a trainer, so we will try to organize a trainers seminar too. The russian players will arrive at wednesday, so the days before the tournament (thursday and friday) there will be several chess events, such as blitz tournament an others. We also want to make plans for further cooperation of childrens chess within the Barents region.

We hope there will be players from Umeå as well.

Now we hope to get in contact with children and young chess players in Northern Finland, first of all in the regions, that are members of the Barents region (Lapland, Oulu, Kainuu). May be it would be possible to get financial support from the regions (in context with the Barents cooperation) for the tickets to Tromsø.

Unfortunately, I think there is no direct flight from Oulu to Tromsø any more, so maybe the easiest would be to come by car (or bus to Kilpisjärvi and then by car).

I hope you can help me as soon as possible to find contact persons or possible participants from Northern Finland.

Best regards,

Marianne Lund

Childrens and youth chess club of Tromsø


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