9th EU U8/U14 CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2.-11.8.2011

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9th EU U8/U14 CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2.-11.8.2011

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Under the patronage of the European Chess Union
Place and date: Mureck, August 2 –11, 2011
1. Invitation
The Austrian Chess Federation has the honour of inviting your Chess Federation to participate in
the European Union Youth Chess Championship 2011 at Mureck.
2. Participation
Each Federation can enter one player, boy or girl in any of the categories of under
8, 10, 12 and 14 as of January 1st, 2011.
Boys and girls will play in the same tournament, but with two separate scores. So we will have
two European Union Youth Champions, one for the girls and one for the boys. Additional (extra)
players can also be registered.
Only citizens of a member state of the European Union or of Schengen state are allowed to
All participants including parents, coaches, observers and relatives are obliged to stay in official
hotels or guesthouses and will not be allowed to book directly their accommodation or food.
All bookings must be made through the organizers, otherwise players have to pay an extra
organizing fee of Euros 50,- in advance or in cash on arrival at Mureck.
3. Registration - Conditions of participation
Entry forms must be sent back not later than
June 30th, 2011 by telefax or email.
Registration must mention the surname/s, first name/s, FIDE ID number, FIDE or National rating
of each player. We also need the telephone, email/fax number of the delegation chief and of the
person in charge of the federation.
Please use the registration form enclosed. All travel expenses must be paid by the participants or
their National Federation. Each player (invited or extra) and the invited coach has to pay the amount
of Euros 70,- to the Organizing Committee when registering or on arrival at Mureck. Transport from
Graz airport or central station to Mureck and back will be free of charge.
4. Accommodation and meals
Board and lodging will be provided at Mureck or in its close surroundings. The rooms
Organising Committee can accommodate invited participants and a coach in double or triple or in
apartments. Free board and lodging is offered to players as well as to one coach per federation from
Tuesday 2 (dinner) to Thursday 11 August (lunch).
Payments (Euros only) for all extra players and accompanying persons must be made in
advance or in cash on arrival at Mureck. The cost of lodging for additional (extra) players and
accompanying persons for full board per day is the following:
in double and triple rooms: 44 Euros per person
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in single rooms: 54 Euros per person
Bank Account:
Bank: Steiermärkische Bank & Sparkassen AG
IBAN: AT792081507500187997
BANK CODE: 20815
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 07500187997
BANK ADDRESS: 8480 Mureck, Hauptplatz 2
ACCOUNT HOLDER: Österreichischer Schachbund, Landesverband Steiermark
5. Tournament hall and meeting point on arrival
A-8480 Mureck, Kulturzentrum,
50 km south of Graz on the Austrian-Slovenian board
Tuesday 02 August afternoon arrival of delegations
Wednesday 03 August 14:30 opening ceremony
15:00 1st round
Thursday 04 August 15:00 2nd round
Friday 05 August 15:00 3rd round
Saturday 06 August 15:00 4th round
Sunday 07 August 15:00 5th round
Monday 08 August 15:00 6th round
Tuesday 09 August 15:00 7th round
Wednesday 10 August 15:00 8th round
Thursday 11 August 08:30 9th round
13:45 closing ceremony, departure
6. Rules and regulations
The tournament will be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds. National ratings will not
be taken into consideration for the pairings. The rate of play will be according to FIDE regulations 90
min for the whole game + 30 sec increase for each move played.
7. Chief arbiters
Manfred MUSSNIG International Arbiter
Wolfgang HORVATH National Arbiter
8. Organizing Committee
Honorary Vice President of FIDE
President of the Austrian Chess Federation
Tournament director
9. Prizes
The first three players of each group will be awarded trophies.
The best girls will be awarded trophies separately.
10. Contacts
Erich Gigerl, Tournament Director
Sackstraße 17, 8010 Graz, Austria
Telefon/Fax: 0043 316 - 877-3618
Mobile: 0043 0676-8666-3618
Mail: jugend@schachzentrum.at
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