Kutsu nuorten 8-18 EM-kisaan Bulgariassa 10.-21.9.2011

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Kutsu nuorten 8-18 EM-kisaan Bulgariassa 10.-21.9.2011

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The Bulgarian Chess Federation (from now on BCF) has the pleasure to invite all European Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE and ECU to participate at the European Youth Chess Championship for 2011 in Albena, Bulgaria (located on the Black Sea coast approximately 30 km North from Varna and 500 km North-east form the capital Sofia) from the 10th September (arrival) to 21th September 2011 (departure).
2. Participation
2.1. Each federation can register one (1) player in each of the under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 (boys and girls) categories, total maximum of twelve (12) players (“invited players”).
2.2. The players placed 1-3 in the previous European Youth Championship will have the personal right to participate in the tournament of the corresponding age-category or a higher age-category if they fulfill the conditions that they didn’t reached the age of 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 years, respectively, by January 1st 2011. This privilege may be exercised once exclusively in the subsequent year following the year of qualification.
2.3 In order to ensure proper tournament standards, all invited players and extra players must make their registrations through their national federations in order to reach BCF before August 1, 2011 (registration deadline). Entry form should be filled at the official website of the championship by the national federation.
2.4 Every federation can register unlimited number of extra players.
2.5 Access to playing areas, venues and the hotels will be allowed only to people accredited by the BFC.
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3. Fees
3.1. In accordance with ECU regulations, a 65 Euro ECU entry fee is required for each invited player, and 130 Euro for each extra player (those who play as “open” participants).
3.2. According to the new ECU regulations, federations are obliged to make payment of ECU fees (article 3.1) before the start of the second round to the ECU Bank Account.
3.3 An organization fee of 70 Euro required for each invited player must be paid until August 1st.
4. Registration
4.1 Entry form should be filled at the official website of the championship not later than August 1, by the national federation. This date is the registration deadline. After that, federations will not be able to register or modify any registrations. After this date all the registrations have to be confirmed by the ECU.
4.2 Players will not be paired until all their registration details have been fulfilled.
5. Travel details
5.1 Travel expenses for transfers must be paid by all participants as follows a) Varna airport – Albena (by bus approximately 40 min), price 30 Euro two ways b) Bourgas airport – Albena (by bus approximately 2 hours), price 70 Euro, two ways.
c) Bucharest airport- Albena (by bus approximately 4 hours), price 110 Euro, two ways d) Organizers can provide individual transfers from Varna and Bourgas to Albena by car. Price will depend on the number of persons transferred.
e) All payments mentioned above are non refundable if the reservation is cancelled.
5.2 These transport services will be available on September 10 th 2011 (arrival) and on September 21st 2011 (departure). If it is necessary the organizer can accept special request from Federations.
5.3 Players who make private transport arrangements and clearly indicate this at registration will be fully responsible for any problems they experience during arrival or departure.
6. Payment
6.1 BANK TRANSFERS 6.1.1. ECU fees must be paid before the start of the second round:
European Chess Union
Bank: Credit Suisse
Postfach 357
CH-6301 Zug
Account: 1835105-42
Holder: European Chess Union
National Bank Code: 4835
IBAN Code: CH3604835183510542000
6.1.2. Till August 1st the organization fees, accommodation and transfers must be transferred to the following account:
Bulgarian Chess Federation
P.O. Box 927, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria, First Investment Bank - Sofia
© Europechess.net
6.2 All bank commissions must be paid by sender, if it is not paid, the organizers will produce an invoice which must be paid before the start of the second round.
7. Lodging and meals
7.1 Invited players and player with personal right:
Accommodation is on full board and will be provided in 4 star hotels. Reservations and payments for these hotels must be made not later than August 1. Reservation is considered to be made when organization fees are paid. Invited players and players nominated by personal right who register after August 1 will pay an extra charge of 100 Euro each.
All payments mentioned above are non refundable if the reservation is cancelled. Free board and room will be provided for nominated players, players with personal rights from September 10 th, (dinner) to September 21 st (lunch). Any additional overnights will be charged as at 7.4
7.2 Extra players, coaches, head of delegations and accompanying persons:
Accommodation is on full board and will be provided in the 4 star hotels and 5 star hotel. Reservations and payments for these hotels must be made not later than August 1. Reservation is considered to be made when the accommodation is paid to the organizers. Hotels will be reserved according to the order of payment.
All payments mentioned above are non refundable if the reservation is cancelled. All extra players are obliged to stay at the official hotels.
7.3 Hotel payments must be paid in Euro. The BCF will not accept any promise for payment of Hotel bills at a future date.
7.4 Accommodation and meals for extra players, coaches, head of delegations and accompanying persons will be provided in the official, 4 star hotels and 5 star hotel:
Lodging per person on full board (FB - includes breakfast, lunch and diner):
5* Hotel
4* Hotels
75 EUR
65 EUR
59 EUR
49 EUR
7. 5 Accommodation will be made after the Head of delegation receives vouchers in the Central office.
8. Tournament hall
Tournament hall will be Albena sport hall. Distance of playing hall from hotels is 100 – 300 m.
9. Schedule
© Europechess.net
September 10th
Arrival of Delegations
Opening ceremony
September 11th
Delegates Meeting
1st Round
September 12nd
2nd Round
September 13th
3rd Round
September 14th
4th Round
September 15th
5th Round
September 16th
Free day
September 17th
6th Round
September 18th
7th Round
September 19th
8th Round
September 20th
9th Round
Closing ceremony
September 21st
Players of Federation’s who are not represented at the delegates meeting will not be paired according to the decision of ECU Board.
10. Rules and regulations
The tournament will be played by a 9-round Swiss System. National ratings will not be taken into consideration for the parings. Playing rates will be according to FIDE regulations: 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes until the end of the game plus an additional 30 sec per move started from move one.
11. Arbiters and Appeals committee
The names of the Chief Arbiter and the members of the Appeals Committee will be published not later than 1st July 2011.
12. Information
Tournament bulletin will be on CD and it will be free for all Federations. Before the tournament, information will be available on the Internet at http://www.eycc2011.eu
13. Information about visas
The Federations or players who need assistance with their visas are asked to register at the online registration form and attach scanned copy of the passport, before August 1, 2011 in order that the organizers can help. NO visa invitations will be made until scanned copy of the passport is sent and payments are done. Visa invitations will be send to accompanying persons only if they are accommodated in the official hotels.
14. Prizes
14.1 The first five players of each group will be awarded with special awards in total amount for all prizes 10.000 euros.
14.2 Each participant will receive presents, in total amount for all presents 10.000 euros.
15. Currency & exchange
The local currency is Bulgarian Lev (BGN) 1 EUR= 1.95583 BGN
16. Tournament office
All necessary information’s participants can get by official tournament website: http://www.eycc2011.eu
Tournament Director: Mr. Nikolay Velchev,
BCF Executive Director tel: +359 2 9300518 fax: +359 2 9874522 e-mail: office@eycc2011.eu
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