Shakkiturnauksia Budapestissa

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Shakkiturnauksia Budapestissa

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Toivo Pudas » 29 Huhti 2011 10:32

First Saturday GM IM chess tournament, 7th-18th May Budapest

Dear Chessfriends of the European Chess Federations,

We have the above mentioned closed norm tournaments, pls inform the players
of your country, we have 1-2 vacancies yet.
Who wish to come from there to play for the GM and IM norms in Budapest in

I send you hereby the 2011 year programme of our events, pls publish and
circulate in your chess media.

Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Chessfriendly love:

Nagy, Laszlo
FIDE International chess organizer,
Possible in the website online chat also...
Mobile phone: +(36)-30-230-19-14
Office phone from 12:00 (noon) until 22:00 hour Central European Time:
Article about us in the internet:
New video (2011 Febr) about our tournaments:
Come to play chess to Budapest to our FIRST SATURDAY events and you will be
a part of something great... ... e_2011.htm


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