Koululaisten MM-kisa Krakovassa 29.4.-9.5.

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Koululaisten MM-kisa Krakovassa 29.4.-9.5.

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VII Individual School Chess Championship in Krakow!

Krakow, 29.04 - 09.05.2011

The Word Individual School Chess Championship in the year 2011 will take place in Krakow. This is the 7th Championship organized and the 1st one to be held in Poland. The organization of the Championship was commissioned by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) to the Malopolska Chess Association. The Championship will be played in six categories: for players under 7, 9, 11, 13 ,15, 17 years old. In the previous Championship there were about 350 players from over 30 countries. In the year 2010 Individual School Chess Championship was taking place in Turkey, there are 350 participants from 29 countries. The expected number of players in the next year competition is about 400 and about 150 accompanying persons.

From September 2010 to April 2011 there will be a series of chess events advertising Championship among pupils from all kinds of schools. This series of events includes: individual junior tournaments, the school team competition "Way to the Victory", a simultaneous chess competition with well known players, competitions in solving chess quizzes, tournaments in big shopping malls.

Jan Kusina
Championship Director

Shakkiliiton hallitus on päättänyt maksaa kussakin sarjassa yhden pelaajan FIDE-maksun. Muut kustannukset maksavat pelaajat itse. Ilmoittautuminen hoidetaan liiton kautta.



The Malopolska Chess Association, the Polish Chess Federation, the Community of Krakow and the International School Chess Union have the honour to invite all the FIDE Member Chess Federations around the world, and eligible players to take part in the World School Individual Chess Championship 2011 (open and girls under 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 years old) organized in Krakow, Poland from 29th April (Arrival) to 9th of May (Departure) 2011.


2.1. Every National Federation, School Association, School may enter an unlimited number of players in each of the 12 age groups. In case that one girl group is less than 10 participants then it will be merged with the same age open group category.
2.2. Entitled to participate are players (Boys & Girls) who shall not have reached the age:
of 7, by 1st January 2011 (date of birth – January 1st, 2004 and after) – Tournament Under 7,
of 9, by 1st January 2011 (date of birth – January 1st, 2002 and after) – Tournament Under 9,
of 11, by 1st January 2011 (date of birth – January 1st, 2000 and after) – Tournament Under 11,
of 13, by 1st January 2011 (date of birth – January 1st, 1998 and after) – Tournament Under 13,
of 15, by 1st January 2011 (date of birth – January 1st, 1996 and after) – Tournament Under 15,
of 17, by 1st January 2011 (date of birth – January 1st, 1994 and after) – Tournament Under 17,
Upon arrival chief of delegation, coach or players may be requested to present the passports of their
players for the verification of the age eligibility.
2.3. All participants, including parents, coaches, observers and relatives are obliged to stay in official hotels. The access to the playing areas, venues will be allowed only to the organizer accredited people. The booking in the hotels must be done through the organizer.
2.4. Accommodation and travel expenses are covered by the participants, federations, schools or their Sponsors. The players delegations must be accompanied at least by one adult (chief, coach or parent), who is responsible for the players.


3.1. FIDE fee. In accordance with the FIDE regulations an entrance FIDE fee of 40 EUR is required for each player. Their National Federations must send this amount directly to the FIDE account. For participants who registered through their School, the FIDE entry fee must be paid before the start of the first round either to their National Federation (proved by a receipt document) or to the organizer in Krakow.
3.2. Registration fee. Every participant, coach and accompanying person shall pay 80 EUR to the organizer in Krakow as the registration fee. This payment includes accreditation, badge, excursions and bulletin.
3.3. That payments are compulsory and represent the confirmation of the participation. The hotel bookings are made only for people who confirm those payments.

4. REGISTRATION – deadline 15 MARCH 2011

4.1 Chess players can participate in the championships provided an official application is made by his/her National Federation, the School Association, the School on the registration forms.
4.2. The registration must include the Country/Federation, FIDE ID number, surname, first name/s, international rating and FIDE title, the passport details of every player, every coach and every accompanying person. It must also include the name, phone, email of the Delegation Chief.
4.3. The registration forms and the confirmations of both FIDE fee and Registration fee payment must be sent to the organizer by the fax +48-12-411-48-01 or by the e-mail: jkusina@mzszach.l.pl This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before March 15, 2011.
4.4. An identity photo (2x3 cm) should be send for the badge of the players, coaches and accompanying persons by March 15, 2011 by the mail. The photo can be taken on arrival – cost 5 EUR.


5.1 All payments (hotel, registration fee) made in EUR shall be transferred to the bank account of the organizer. The account information:

Malopolski Związek Szachowy

31-549 Krakow, Aleja Powstania Warszawskiego 6/65, Polska

Powszechna Kasa Oszczędnosci, Bank Polski SA, Oddzial 1 w Krakowie
Bank adress

30-942 Krakow, ul. Wielopole 19/21

Account number

61 1020 2892 0000 5002 0429 6554

5.2. The foreign bank commissions must be paid by the sender. The players will not be paired until all the payments are effected to the organizer.
5.3. The deadline of all payments is April 15, 2011.


6.1. The participants will stay in 4* stars hotels: Galaxy (8 Gesia st.) and Cubus (6 Nadwislanska st.).
The playing hall is in the Galaxy hotel.
6.2. In the hotel there is a free wireless connection in the rooms and in the lobby for all participants.
6.3. The accommodation charges must be paid in advance. The payment must be done in EUR.
6.4. All accommodation cost will be paid for 10 nights as a total package plus registration cost for
whoever will be coming on the 29th April and leaving on the 9th May. More nights at the same prices are
possible on request.
Every person shall pay:
90 EUR per day in a single room

900 EUR for all days
60 EUR per day in a double room

600 EUR for all days
55 EUR per day in a triple room

550 EUR for all days
The price includes an accommodation plus three meals per day starting on April 29 (dinner) till May 9 (breakfast), 2011.


All participants applying for a visa must sent the copy of the passport (the pages with the photograph and main data) before February 15, 2011 to the Organizer. The Organizer will give full support to assist participants to receive entry visas and to speed up the procedure in Embassies and Consulates of Poland.


8.1. Thechampionships will be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds. The national ratings will not be taken into consideration for the pairings. Rate of play will be according to FIDE regulations 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1.
8.2. Any player who arrives at the chessboard after the start of the session shall lose the game. Thus the default time is 0 minutes - vide art. 6.6a of the FIDE Laws of Chess.
29th April

Arrival of Participants
29th April Friday
20.00 Technical Meeting - Pairings
30th April Saturday 11.00
Opening Ceremony
30th April Saturday 15.30 1st Round
1st May
Sunday 15.30 2nd Round
2nd May
Monday 9.30 Sightseeing tour of Krakow
2nd May Monday 15.30 3rd Round
3rd May Tuesday 9.30 4th Round
3rd May Tuesday 17.00 Blitz tournament
4th May Wednesday
Free Day
5th May Thursday 15.30 5th Round
6th May Friday 9.30 6th Round
6th May Friday 16.30 7th Round
7th May Saturday 15.30 8th Round
8th May Sunday 9.30 9th Round
8th May Sunday 16.00 Closing Ceremony
9th May Monday
Departure of Participants


10.1. Indyvidual Prizes
10.1.1. The first winner in each open age category is the FIDE World School Champion for 2011 and the first girl in each girl age category is the FIDE World Girl School Champion for 2011. According to the regulations they are awarded with the FIDE Candidate Master title.
10.1.2. Special offer: The 6 FIDE Champions (U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, and U17) and the 6 GIRLS FIDE Champions (U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, and U17) will play as personal right players (free stay and accommodation) in the XXII International Chess Festival “Cracovia 2011” (27.12.2011-04.01.2012) in Krakow, Poland. The invitation is a very kind offer of the Malopolska Chess Association.
10.1.3. Players placed first, second and third of each category will be awarded respectively with gold, silver and bronze medals.
10.1.4. Other special gifts will be given from the 1st to the 6th places in each group.
10.1.5. All players and arbiters will be given diplomas for participation.
10.2. Team Prizes
10.2.1. Three special trophies for country or school delegations of 5 participants, which will play at least in 2 age groups (winners will be named according to the best 5 individual results). All tie break and medal rules will be declared with technical regulations.


According to FIDE regulations, the participating federations / the participating schools shall cover the travel expenses of all players, coach and accompanying persons.
All participants should confirm the date and hour of the arrival in Krakow before April 15, 2011. Krakow Airport Balice is about 10 km from the city of Krakow. The faster link between airport and the city center is by train. The travel time is 18 minutes. Info http://www.krakowairport.pl/en/3/176/35


The end of April and the beginning of May the average air temperature in Krakow is about 150C.
The electrical voltage in Poland is 220 V.
Currency – Polish Zloty (PLN). At the end of 2010: 1 USD about 2,90 PLN, 1 EUR about 3,90 PLN.
The games will be displayed live in the internet.
The final interpretation of the Regulations is one of the Organizers.
For any other matter not mentioned in the General Regulations, the Organizing Committee may decide
after consultation with FIDE and International School Chess Union.


13.1. International Chess Championship of Malopolska (1 – 8 May, 2011), 9 rounds, Swiss system
13.2. International Open Blitz Tournament – 3 May, 2011, 11 rounds, Swiss system
13.3. School Teachers Seminar
13.4. Excursions with proffessional guides
13.5. For all the chess events and seminars there will be published a detailed schedule and regulations.


Championship Director: Mr. Jan KUSINA
phone/fax +48-12-411-48-01
e-mail: j.kusina@mzszach.l.pl This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

International School Chess Union Organizing Committee

Alexander Kostyev Jan Kusina
Chairman Chairman


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