Kutsu U15 nuorille Manhem Openiin 4.-7.11.2010

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Kutsu U15 nuorille Manhem Openiin 4.-7.11.2010

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Finlands Centralschackförbund
Jorma Paavilainen
Henry Fordin katu 5 C
00150 Helsinki

Manhem Open 2010

We hereby have the pleasure to invite two players from Finland to participate in our international junior tournament Manhem Open, which this year is being held for the thirtieth time! The players should be born in 1995 or later.

The competition is held at "Göteborgs Schackcentrum", Vegagatan 20 in Göteborg, from Nov. 4th to 7th. The tournament system is 7 rounds Swiss and the rate of play will be 100 minutes for 40 moves and then 1 hour for each 24 moves. The tournament will start at 1230 on the 4th and finish at 1600 on the 7th. The exact time schedule is found in the general invitation (enclosed).

We will provide free board and lodging in host families for your players.

To be able to meet your participants at the airport or train station, we kindly ask you to let us know their time of arrival.

We need your entry by Monday, October 25th. Entries shall include name, address, date of birth, rating, club and, if possible, e-mail for your players.

This invitation is sent to Aarhus, Denmark, Estonia, the Faeroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Hamburg, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Poland.

Yours sincerely,

Mats Eriksson
tournament director

Pärt-Antons Gata 53
426 79 Västra Frölunda
phone +46 31 244745 (chess club)
e-mail: ssmanhem@telia.com

general tournament invitation


4th - 7th

invites you to the thirtieth edition av our international youth tournament (1995-), MANHEM OPEN. The competition is held between November 4th and 7th 2010 and is open for players rated above 1450. A maximum of fifty players is allowed to take part.

The tournament system is seven rounds Swiss with a time limit of 100 minutes for 40 moves and then 1 hour for 24 moves. The playing site is the Göteborg Chess Centre, Vegagatan 20 (tram 1 or 2 from the Central station, tram stop "Olivedals¬gatan” or ”Prinsgatan”, or tram 6 from “Nordstan”, tram stop "Prinsgatan"). Cafeteria at the playing site.

The strongest Swedish players are personally invited, as well as the strongest girls in Sweden. Further, representatives of Aarhus, Denmark, Estonia, the Faeroe Islands, Finland, Hamburg, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Germany are invited.

Thurs Nov 4 1230 Sign up
1300-1620 Round 1
1730-2050 Round 2
2100-2300 Adjourned games
Fri Nov 5 0930-1250 Round 3
1430-1750 Round 4
1800-2200 Adjourned games
Sat Noc 6 0930-1250 Round 5
1430-1750 Round 6
1800- Adjourned games
Sun Nov 7 0930- Round 7
ca 1600 Prize ceremony


1. prize: 2 000 SEK + memorial prize
2. prize: 1 000 SEK + memorial prize
3. prize: 500 SEK + memorial prize

Further, one third of the participants are awarded with book prizes, rating prizes included.

Entries by October 22nd at the latest to

Mats Eriksson
Pärt-Antons Gata 53
426 79 Västra Frölunda
tel 031 - 24 47 45 (chess club)

Entries shall include name, full address, phone number, date of birth, chess club and preferably e-mail.

At the same time, the entry fee of 200 SEK shall be sent to SS Manhem´s postal giro account 42 28 22 - 7. Make sure not to be late!

We can offer simple accommodation at the playing site – with beds or foam-rubber mattresses - at a prize of 240 SEK for all three nights. Kitchen and shower available. Get in touch at October 22nd at the latest!


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